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The documentary follows a group of scientists, artists, photographers and filmmakers on a pioneering research voyage to the icy waters surrounding Svalbard. Their aim is to expose the invisible pollutants of the Arctic Ocean making their way there by ocean currents. To reduce the expeditions impact on the environment the team decide to undertake the expedition onboard the wonderful Blue Clipper, a 33m schooner, providing wind powered transport and minimal noise pollution.


 The team begin collecting vital baseline data on some of the non-visible pollutants that pervade the seas there, facing challenges with equipment in such a remote region and the reality of the problem. Footage captured on a variety of cameras provide point of view stye combined with breathtaking aerial provides an immersive perspective for viewers.

Through the creative use of film, photography and art, we hope to increase public awareness by making our findings educational and engaging, whilst highlighting the actions needed to preserve this spectacular region. 

(Full Film Below)