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The purpose of our expedition is to expose the unseen pollutants causing immense damage to the fragile ocean ecosystem, sampling the Arctic waters for microplastics and using acoustic devices to monitor noise pollution. Our research will aid global knowledge on this issue and gain valuable information on the potential for the buildup of toxic pollutants in marine food webs.

Microplastics and zooplankton under a microscope. -->

We are trawling for micro plastics on the boat. Using a fine-meshed micro plastics net, we will sample the water in the Arctic Ocean to unearth the degree of invisible pollution in the area. Not only will this help to form a baseline of data in the region, it will go towards the body of data needed to confirm the presence of a sixth major gyre in the arctic.
We have completed preliminary data collection using a basic set up in around Falmouth waters. However, for our Arctic expedition we will be using Hydro-Bios Microplastic Sampling Net, which is a fair bit bigger!
We have teamed up with Hydro-Bios and Duncan and Associates 
This Microplastic Sampling Net will allow us to surface trawl for marine plastic pollution and to understand the levels in the Barents Sea, which are hard to survey by eye. 
Our on-boat surveys including trawling for microplastics in the surface waters , bird surveys, noise pollution surveys and zooplankton counts. Setting up a microplastic trawl on a tall-ship had its challenges!