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Sail Against Plastic:

A Message from the Arctic



Sail Against Plastic: A collaborative sailing expedition investigating and unveiling unseen pollution in the Arctic ocean. 

We're a diverse student group of passionate scientists, environmentalists, photographers, artists and videographers. Brought together through a shared love of the ocean and protecting the natural world, we'll be utilising our collective skills to raise awareness of the hidden threats our oceans are facing.


This project would not have been made possible without our sponsors and collaborators. Special thanks goes to Fugro, FXplus and Ecover.

“The Sail Against Plastic Mission aligns perfectly with Fugro’s vision to contribute to a safe and liveable world. As an independent provider of geo-intelligence and asset integrity solutions we fully support this initiative of revealing the hidden threats of marine plastic in our seemingly pristine marine environment and we see this as a crucial and critical step towards the development of a clean and sustainable environment.”

Iolo Williams, TV Presenter and Naturalist

"Sail against Plastic is a fantastic expedition that will give us a wealth of information on one of the biggest threats to our oceans. Plastic pollution and its effects on our marine environment is constantly in the news but we still don’t fully understand the effects of microplastics. This expedition with add to that knowledge and help in the battle to find a solution to this growing problem."

Nigel Brown, Curator of Treborth Botanic Garden (Bangor University)

"Microplastics are the latest and one of the most far reaching threats to life on earth. This ambitious bringing together of young scientists, artists and film-makers on a tall ship in one of the world’s most remote seas will highlight the ubiquity of plastic in our modern world and emphasise the need for action right now."

Tim Smit, Executive Chairman, Eden Project

“We are looking forward to hosting an exhibition of the team’s work after their expedition to the unexplored area of the Arctic ocean that contains a potential 6th gyre. Their findings on the marine plastic situation and the visual content they plan on creating will be fantastic for communicating these issues to our visitors at Eden"